What we’re reading right now

Anne Lamott once said, “books help us understand who we are.” Each Tuesday we’ll introduce you to the world-class team at Masterworks through the books they love, in a series called What we’re reading right now.

Jacob Smith is an East Coast transplanted, Sounder-loving technologist. You are as likely to find him on his bike as sipping a locally crafted malted milkshake.

Here’s what Jacob’s reading right now:

Unthinkable The Age of the Unthinkable

I’m only part of the way through this book, but I already love it. If you feel like we teeter on chaos as often as stability, this book will confirm that suspicion. It reminds me
of Antifragile — a book I admittedly read part of and skimmed the rest.

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Word
In typical Heath-brother fashion, this book begins with a memorable mnemonic for remembering the lessons of the book: WRAP. I’m only through “W”, which reminds me to widen my options. How often do we actually decide between doing something or not doing it? The book points out that there are two additional options we aren’t even considering, a recipe for poor outcomes.

The fact that the author’s page about this book is laughably incomplete is how I feel about this ending to another young adult trilogy. I have no shame in reading young adult fiction, but these books went the way of The Matrix trilogy. Great to bad to worse. My advice: read the first one and then read The Hunger Games again.

I read about 250 different blogs, and the easiest way to talk about that is to share my OPML. There’s a bit of everything in there, not just fundraising and technology.

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