Creative culture: Telling the truth and other things to remember every day

An orange sticky note stuck to the left side of my computer monitor here at Masterworks bears three simple reminders:

tell the truth

I read these words every morning when I arrive at the office. I read them because the hours I invest each week – raising money for some of the world’s most impactful non-profit organizations – require an energy, an authenticity, and a daring that leave no room for faking it.

A pink sticky note stuck to the right side of my monitor reads:

love people

Truth be told, none of these sticky note maxims is easy in corporate culture, is it?

We’re all constantly pressuring ourselves to look good in front of our coworkers. We fundraisers are trying to tell moving stories that lead to gifts, from the motivating quarantine of…cubicles. We’re all striving to live well in a pop culture that’s driving us to spend our minutes in meaningless apps, games, television shows and websites.

Eyes up, my friends! Eyes off the tiny screens! See the world around you in a new and interesting way. Speak the truth you see in the world, and the truth you wish you saw, and the truth you want to motivate in others. Love the people you work with, the people you write about, the people you see at the coffee shop or the grocery store. Not a grudging love, but a selfless, genuine love that breaks down barriers and inspires generosity.

This week, take one of these simple statements to heart. Let it change the way you behave in meetings. Let it change the things you talk about around the espresso machine. Let it bridge your home and work lives to remind you that you can be the best you can be, no matter where you are.