Reflecting on “Bi-Annuals”

Twice a year at Masterworks, we dedicate a full week for our executive team and senior leaders to review each of our clients that we serve. We call these “Bi-Annuals.” We just held our second Bi-Annuals meetings for 2014 and the feedback across the agency is unanimous: These sessions were the best ever.

The primary purpose of Bi-Annuals is to make sure that our client teams are equipped with senior-level input on a consistent basis to help our clients reach their objectives. At the same time, they’re an excellent way to share various learnings across the agency (test results, new approaches, key trends, etc.) that will ultimately benefit all of our clients and help them reach their objectives.

For these specific Bi-Annuals, each of our client teams focused on presenting learning in the following key areas:

  1. New acquisition strategies
  2. Multichannel campaigns
  3. Brand storytellers
  4. CRM — Donor relationship management and donor pathways
  5. New revenue-driving programs (product/program development)

This year’s presentations and discussions did not disappoint. We came away with some excellent insights and action items, that we’re already working through. And here’s some more great news: Nearly all of our clients experienced year-over-year revenue growth!

Clients should look forward to hearing from their account executive in the near future about some of the new ideas and opportunities.

If you’d like to talk about any of the specific findings and/or results from our Bi-Annuals, feel free to contact me directly at