The Magic Equation

At Masterworks we’re constantly looking for ways to help our clients:

  1. Find new donors
  2. Make more money for ministry, and
  3. Have a bigger impact in the world

And we’ve mastered a magic equation for all three areas:

Right audience + Right message + Right time = SUCCESS

Here’s just the latest example of the magic equation in action, from one of the rescue missions we serve:

In the fall of 2013, our Thanksgiving series for this client included 168,203 impressions that resulted in $336,284 in net revenue.

In the fall of 2014, through smart segmentation, optimized scheduling and revamped creative execution, the Thanksgiving series raised $405,512 from just 84,945 impressions.

Put simply: we mailed 49.5% fewer pieces and generated 20.6% more net revenue. And we did it without hurting retention, which was stronger than the previous year.

That, dear reader, is magic.

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