Fundraisers: We feel your pain… (CLA Conference Preview)

It’s official. If you’re a fundraising professional, you have one of America’s toughest jobs!

We’ve recently toyed with the idea of getting ahold of Thom Beers, executive producer of NBC’s America’s Toughest Jobs series, and recommending that when they look for the most challenging and demanding jobs in America to put their competitors to the test, they consider the professional fundraiser.

A recent national study underwritten by the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund underscores this point.

Today, half of those holding the top development job at a non-profit organization plan to leave their jobs within two years or less. And 40% are thinking of leaving fundraising entirely. Ouch!

Few jobs today are as demanding as the professional fundraiser. We want you to know that we feel your pain.

Many of the men and women who are called today to Masterworks have been in the same jobs that you are currently doing. We’ve sat in your seat, and walked in your shoes.

We know what keeps keep you up at night.

Too many thoughts and worries that provoke too little sleep. We understand the struggle day in and day out to keep the money coming in and to identify new, more sustainable sources of funding.

In study after study, there is a lot of concerning news about what’s happening — and what’s not — as non-profits strive to attract the resources they need to succeed.

But we believe strongly that all our non-profit partner-clients can create the conditions for sustainable fundraising success.

One of the key ways that we at Masterworks help create more sustainable revenue better and faster by shining a light on these challenges — and their solutions — through training events led by our staff strategists.

This is how we can help!

Our next set of offerings will be presented at this year’s Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference. I will join Masterworks’ Rory Starks in leading a two-day Academy Course, titled Tapping Into America’s Wealthiest Generation. The Academy is CLA’s graduate level of training, and its most in-depth conference academic offering.

Because addressing today’s fundraising challenges requires fundamental shifts in thinking and action, our Academy Course will equip and enable you to respond effectively to the seismic changes occurring in fundraising today.

Please mark your calendars. Our workshops have been very effective at helping fundraising leaders break the vicious cycle that threatens their ability to raise the resources they need to succeed.

Here’s what George Fisher, Senior Director of Development at Wycliffe Bible Translators, said after our workshop last summer: “We are changing! Immediately, we formed teams to green light and strategize new opportunities to more effectively utilize our marketing, donor acquisition and retention budgets. New strategies are being tested, with enhancements integrated into our traditional acquisition programs…results are promising…I encourage you to attend Masterworks’ workshop.”

And, please don’t forget. You deserve this time to grow and learn…because you have one of America’s toughest jobs!

For more information about this and other presentations that Masterworks will be offering at the CLA Outcomes Conference, please contact Rory Starks at