It’s Easter. Let’s talk about something other than fundraising just this once.

Friends, colleagues and clients,

You probably came today, expecting to find a conversation about fundraising and marketing for non-profits.

But with Easter just a few days away, I want to do something different. Instead of talking about inspiring donors to generosity, I want to talk about inspiring YOU to spend some time today thinking about your life — in light of Christ’s Resurrection.

Rather than try to write something profound about Easter myself, I looked to my favorite author, John Piper. If you’ve read Piper, you know he’s always intense, always challenging, always inspirational.

But don’t we need that? I know I do.

As we celebrate the joy of our risen Savior, here are some inspiring thoughts from John Piper on how the Resurrection should affect our lives here on earth, especially when we suffer.

Thanks . . . and happy Easter!

Steve Woodworth