Our Spring 2015 Bi-Annuals

We recently wrapped up what I believe is one of the most unique things about Masterworks — our “Bi-annuals.”

Bi-Annuals is an intensive week-long forum in which our senior leadership and the rest of our team take an in-depth look at our clients’ work, discuss growth opportunities and challenges, review tests, explore new ideas and approaches, and examine and reflect on current and future industry trends.

Based on the collective feedback, these Bi-Annuals were our best ever.

Bi-Annuals reflect one of the key components of our Masterworks culture: the commitment to listen to multiple members of our team in order to foster innovation and provide the greatest ministry impact for our clients. We also want to make sure that our client teams are equipped with senior-level input and guidance on a consistent basis to help our clients reach their objectives.

You and I know that our industry faces big challenges. That’s why we set aside dedicated time to address key issues like new acquisition channels, offer development and multichannel integrated marketing. We’ve found that bringing everyone together not only helps us make significant progress towards developing solutions to these challenges, but also gives everyone the chance to benefit from the collective knowledge at the agency.

Bi-Annuals are essential — it’s important to take time to stop and ask the questions, gain perspective and communicate with other client teams to find out what they’re learning.

For this spring’s Bi-Annuals, each of our client teams reported on the following key learning objectives we’ve focused on as an agency over multiple years:

  1. New acquisition strategies
  2. Multichannel campaigns
  3. Brand storytellers
  4. CRM — Donor relationship management and donor pathways
  5. New revenue-driving programs (product/program development)

We came away with excellent insights and key breakthroughs — especially in the areas of successful new acquisition channels, digital marketing, and experience design including branding, content strategy and user experience design.

And here’s some more great news: nearly all of our clients once again experienced year-over-year revenue growth — similar to our previous Bi-Annuals!

Clients should look forward to hearing from their account executive in the near future about some of the new ideas and opportunities they gleaned from this spring’s successful Bi-Annuals.

If you’d like to talk about any of the specific findings and/or results from our Bi-Annuals, feel free to contact me at cwade@masterworks.agency.