Team building: assessing and playing to your strengths

Last fall our team spent a day off site to learn more about each other and get in some good bonding.  Part of that day together included diving into our individual and team Birkman Assessment results. I was not familiar with the Birkman method prior to joining Masterworks, but now I am fascinated with it.

Team members take the Birkman Assessment and responses are scored into four categories based on their passions, behaviors and what motivates and interests them: Red (task-oriented), Green (relational), Blue (ideas and creativity) and Yellow (systems and processes).

It was intriguing to learn more about each of our teammates and how God has wired them. We’ve since continued to reference the Birkman as to how best to engage with our teammates as we work alongside each other.

I noted recently how the Birkman method is a good reminder of the body of Christ, and how beautifully God has created each of us and placed us together to do His work. Our team received a call from a client who needed an urgent appeal produced for the tragic situation in Nepal. We sprang into action, and in less than 24 hours we had the package completed and off to the vendor.

As all of this was happening, I sat back and smiled as I observed how skillfully our team, including our client, leaned in and got the job done without any chaos. Because we are all wired uniquely—we have a mix of all four colors on our team—each team member did their part and it was almost like watching an athletic team in sync with each other. They all made it look so easy. It was beautiful. The seamless way the team and client engaged with each other to get the work done made my Yellow systems-and-processes-loving heart smile.

What a privilege it is to serve alongside the clients God has given us as partners at Masterworks. And to use our individual gifts as a team, playing our part in being the hands and feet of the body of Christ.

If you have questions about how we use the Birkman, or how we have honed our process, feel free to email me at

P.S.  If you lead a team and have never taken them through the Birkman Assessment, I highly recommend it. It’s had a significant impact on our team and how we work together.