Breakthrough technology that will revolutionize your communication

Communication in 2015 is easy.

Email. Text. IM. Online collaboration. Getting your message across to a colleague or a client has never been faster or more efficient than it is here in the 21st century.

But the proliferation of useful and beneficial technology has not changed one basic truth: tone matters.

And the briefer the digital communication, the more difficult tone is to communicate accurately.

That’s why even in 2015, my favorite business tool is the phone.

In a phone conversation, you’re forced into human relationship like no email or text or instant message can emulate.

No emoticon will ever replace the depth of human connection inherent in a voice-to-voice phone call.

I’m no technophobe. Like you, I’m connected to my laptop and cellphone all day. But I’ve learned that when I need to communicate more than just the facts, a phone call will almost always lead to a better result than an email.

Today, when you’re struggling through communicating a difficult, nuanced issue in an email, try this: pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Contact me any time. My phone number is: 206-387-2990. I’d love to talk with you to see if Masterworks can help your ministry in any way.