Start Small. End Big.

I play basketball two or three days each week.

It’s my favorite exercise. A chance to be a kid again for an hour and a half before work. And sweat off a donut or two.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get to the gym just before 6:00 a.m. I lace up my shoes, grab a ball and walk directly under the basket at the north end of the gym. There I shoot short, easy-to-make shots, alternating from the right side to the left side of the basket.


After 20 or 30 shots, I move back a foot or two. Swish. Bank. Swish. Bank. Most mornings I’ll shoot 150-200 shots before we even start playing. If I miss more than five, I’m doing something wrong.

Starting small — doing something easy and repeatable — can have application in creative efforts beyond shooting a basketball.

Here’s the formula:

easy + repeatable + frequent success = a better end product

Are you stuck on a paragraph in a story you’re writing? Try writing one beautiful word over and over for 30 seconds. Write a haiku (just 17 syllables!). Write one sentence you’re proud of.

In my years as a fundraising copywriter, I wrote hundreds of letters, emails, newsletter stories and scripts. Involved packages often included multiple versions, with varied offers and audiences. Word documents stretched past 50 pages.

I always started with the thank-you letter.

Writing a short, half page, heartfelt message of appreciation helped me focus on the task of writing the other 49 pages.

Start small. End big.

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Hoop photo by Nik / licensed under CC BY 2.0