Here’s looking at you

Twice a year the Masterworks team, including senior leaders, set aside one week for an in-depth review of every client. These gatherings, that we call “bi-annuals,” are a key distinctive that sets us apart from other agencies.

We all gather together — our client services team, strategists, analysts and creatives — for a careful look at each client’s fundraising performance, testing results, challenges and opportunities. The goal is to determine:

What’s working

What can be improved

What new ideas will accelerate growth

Then we share that information agency-wide.

We’ve just concluded the latest bi-annuals. And based on the collective feedback, they were the best ever.

Masterworks bi-annuals reflect a strong commitment within our culture to give the best minds in the agency — especially those who don’t regularly work on a particular client — a chance to comment on and contribute to the work we’re doing. The result is fresh thinking, insights and testing ideas.

We want to make sure that we’re continuously innovating to help our clients reach their ministry and fundraising goals.

You know as well as I do that our industry faces big challenges:

  • Declining donor acquisition and retention
  • A major shift in behavior as donors move from direct mail to digital and social giving channels, and as younger donors replace older donors
  • Growing emphasis on a complete donor experience over individual giving transactions

That’s why we set aside a full week to address each client’s individual situation. We came away with important breakthroughs — especially opportunities in the areas of offer development, acquisition, multi-channel integrated marketing, mobile, donor experience design, branding, content strategy and more.

If you’re a client, you can look forward to hearing from your account executive in the near future about some of the new ideas and opportunities. If you’re not a client, ask yourself how you might benefit from this kind of concentrated focus by your agency partner.

If you’d like to talk about any of the specific findings from our recent bi-annuals, feel free to contact me at