Announcing a new service to take your marketing to the next level

Masterworks has been blessed to partner with ministries for more than 26 years, but something has always bothered us.

In fact, it’s bothered our leadership team for our entire existence. And this might be really good news for you!

Let me explain.

We made a decision very early on that as an agency serving nonprofits, we would focus on helping organizations through full-service, fully custom solutions. We would also staff with the best people in the industry and help our clients craft not just fundraising communications, but strategy.

This custom approach has proven to be a big part of our success through the years. Here’s why — because in nearly every case, we have been able to come in and drive so much more revenue for the ministry that it far outweighs the additional cost of the fully custom solution. In the end, there is significantly more net income left over for ministry, so our clients have grown.

But there’s a problem. Historically, with just a few exceptions, our solutions haven’t worked for small and mid-sized ministries with fewer donors. This is because with smaller donor bases we still see tremendous increases in revenue, but the additional cost of a fully-custom solution can outweigh the increase in revenue.

This has been bothering us for years. But things have changed — we’ve developed a solution that offers customization and low cost.

Announcing a new service to take your marketing to the next level

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve spent the last three years developing a solution tailored for ministries with a smaller number of donors.

Masterworks’ new service is designed for ministries that are gaining momentum, have reached a tipping point and are ready to take their marketing to the next level.

We can help you accelerate your growth, so that you can expand your ministry to help more people, connect deeply with more donors and raise the funds to make it happen — all at a cost you can afford.

Benefits of the new service

Ministries that take advantage will benefit in 3 important ways:

  1. Incredibly low costs that beat those of standard custom programs. Pricing is one of the big benefits. Based on a per-piece calculation, savings will be dramatic compared to the price of fully customized programs.
  2. Strategies and package formats that have been tested and proven over time. Masterworks has years of experience in the fundraising space. We’re now able to apply that learning to clients with limited budgets to help them save money and improve their results.
  3. Your copy and photos. Your copy can be written by our team of experienced professionals or you can present your own unique message. Use your specific stories and photos, and see the results of your actual success.

Even better news – we’re already doing it.

Consider what Jamie Morrison, executive director at African Enterprise USA, has to say about the program he’s been in since last year:

“I’ve felt tremendously blessed to have your professional writers handling our mailings and to have you taking care of the printing and mailing. We’re also seeing very good response to our mailings, both in terms of giving and in comments received from donors.”

Want to hear more?

Email me at or call (360) 394-6502 to set up a time to talk with me. Let’s see if this might be a good fit. No pressure – I’m just so excited to see how we can help you inspire generosity with our new solutions.