Eric Pratum joins Masterworks’ Experience Design Team

EricP_0283It’s my pleasure to announce that Eric Pratum has joined Masterworks as Senior Digital Media Strategist.

Eric has 13 years of experience developing successful digital, mobile and online marketing and fundraising strategies, most recently at Grizzard. He has a history of growing clients’ online fundraising revenue at high ROI, while strengthening donor engagement.

In the past, Eric has managed commerce websites for a large hotel chain, worked in online retail environments and established the best practices for social media analytics at a major global marketing agency.

Eric has worked in non-profit marketing and fundraising since 2010, starting with digital analytics and then moving into strategy. His strategies have brought clients returns of as high as 18x and doubled their online revenue year over year.

A native of Port Angeles, Washington, Eric is fluent in German, near-fluent in French and can “get by” in Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese. He has lived abroad (Sweden once and Germany twice).

To reach Eric email him at or find him on LinkedIn.