State of the Church around the world [Video]

We had the privilege of sending two people to the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering earlier this year, hosted by the Lausanne Movement (summary video here, and article here). The purpose of the gathering was to bring together a generation of younger leaders from the Church and Christian ministry around the world.

1,500 attendees from more than 140 different countries gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a powerful time of connection and hearing what is happening in church and parachurch organizations across the globe. No doubt the impact of the gathering will be felt for decades to come.

We want to share one of the key presentations from the conference, on the state of the world in the Church, the Great Commission, and large demographic and cultural shifts.

State of the World — Jason Mandryk & Molly Wall — YLG2016

In the era of TED talks and even shorter videos, it might seem daunting to watch a 32-minute video. But I strongly encourage you to take the time to gain a global vision of what God is doing in the world and what still remains to be done. You can skip ahead to 3:15 to get to the beginning of the actual presentation.

You can read more about Lausanne and download the presentation itself at the Lausanne website —

At the end of the day, the most encouraging thing to see is that the next generation of leadership in the Church is in good hands. We’re grateful to play a small part in that work.