BRIGHT SPOTS: Growing in the Age of Change

As we approach the end of 2018, a question that I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on this year is: in this day and age, what does it take for an organization to grow?

With all of the changes going on. With all of the challenges and opportunities that change brings. Why are some nonprofits thriving and growing, but so many others are either flat or down?

Our own Dave Raley was asked by the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes magazine to share our findings at Masterworks in pursuit of the answer to this question.

So as we look forward to 2019, I would encourage you to read this piece from Dave. I think you’ll be blessed and encouraged. Growth is hard work, but as we’re finding out, it’s not complicated.

Bright Spots
By Dave Raley | Learning from fast-growing Christian nonprofits

In the article, you’ll find lessons from some exciting, growing ministries, including International Justice Mission, Jewish Voice Ministries International, Joni and Friends, Metropolitan Ministries and Open Doors USA. Give it a read as you wrap up 2018 and look to next year.

I hope you are starting to wind down for the Christmas holiday — and that during the busyness of this season, you see the finish line in sight. You can do it!

Praying for growth and impact in 2019.

— Rory