The Case for Digital Media in Three Charts

Software continues to rapidly eat the world, and as the success of services like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix show: behavior is changing just as rapidly.

These three charts show how technology is disrupting the standard fundraising program and why nonprofits need to increase their investment in digital media marketing.

Check use has plummeted

According to numbers from the Federal Reserve Payments Study, Americans don’t use checks anymore. That payment method has steadily declined since 2000 and is now well below debit cards, credit cards and ACH as a preferred payment method.

Meanwhile, mobile giving is on the rise

While the checkbook is getting left in the junk drawer, people have come to trust making online payments: Venmo, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon. Everyone has your credit card information these days. All you need to do is push “Buy It Now.” With eCommerce leading the way, mobile giving has exploded — shortening the distance between seeing an ad in your Facebook app and giving a gift.

And it’s not just Millennials

The digital space is no longer the sole domain of the young. Boomers are the fastest-growing generation engaging online, and they’re bringing their alternative payment methods with them.

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