How mobile optimization can dramatically improve your online revenue

This probably isn’t news to you…

It’s increasingly common for nonprofits to see well over half of their sitewide traffic coming from mobile.

But this may be news…

Mobile often accounts for less than a third of all sitewide revenue. That presents ministries with a great opportunity to grow mobile revenue.

Right now, Masterworks is coming alongside several of our partners to help them grow online revenue by making mobile a core component of their digital strategy. Our goals? We definitely want to help our clients optimize their mobile user experience and boost conversion rates. But there’s more: a desire to build their Kingdom impact. When donors are engaged, they’ll be moved to give. That’s what motivates us to raise every dollar we can for great causes. 

Here’s just one way we’re doing that:

This optimization test brought a 50% increase in mobile revenue

In 2019, three of five users visiting a well-known national ministry’s website did so on a mobile device. Recognizing the potential to increase mobile revenue, we worked with them to build a mobile optimization test for their year-end fundraising campaign.

Keenly aware of users’ high motivation to give during the last week of December, we tested moving the year-end gift interrupter ad to the bottom of the user’s screen, within easy reach of thumbs using a mobile device. Our hypothesis was that this “persistent footer” would provide a better mobile user experience and increase the number of gifts.

The results were impressive. Placing the interrupter in the footer generated a 50% increase in mobile revenue the last week of December. The boost in conversions was directly attributable to a 5x increase in clicks to the “Double My Gift” button. This confirms the button’s new placement provided a better mobile experience. Additionally, the persistent footer variation trended up in conversions every day of the test — a key indicator of a winning variation.

Based on the increase in revenue for the Year-End campaign, we recommended the persistent footer become the new standard for campaign promotional placement on mobile devices.

Here’s an optimization tip for better placement of donation CTAs

As you consider testing to improve your online users’ experience, here’s an optimization tip:

A certain proportion of visitors come to your website because something sparked their interest and they want to learn more. Other visitors are highly motivated and ready to donate. That means your website must be optimized for both kinds of visitors.

In the same way you’d use repeated asks in a fundraising letter, you should also be using numerous calls to action across your website — and testing their placement. Two critical donation CTA test areas are the homepage and site navigation. Optimizing your CTAs can lead to dramatic increases in traffic to your donation page. And that will boost revenue.

As you work to optimize your online user experience, we’d be happy to help. You can reach me at