Creative Destruction

“Too many important kingdom nonprofits aren’t growing.”

That’s the starting point for the latest feature article in the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes Magazine, co-written by Kelly Friedlander, of Prison Fellowship, and our very own Allen Thornburgh.

Kelly, who serves as Vice President of Marketing, Communications, & Assessment shares two examples of how Prison Fellowship has been able to reimagine and innovate for growth — both in in-prison programming and in donor fundraising.

Allen Thornburgh, who heads up our Strategic Innovation practice here at Masterworks, joins Kelly to suggest that one part of the lack of growth in the industry is a lack of “Creative Destruction.”

Creative Destruction. Wonder what that means? Then you are sufficiently teased! Head over to the article now — it’s a five-minute read that I promise you won’t regret.

Outcomes Magazine
Creative Destruction
Why it’s important for your nonprofit!
by Kelly Friedlander and Allen Thornburgh

If you’re still here…I’ll give you a hint — Creative Destruction has something to do with being willing to reconsider “The Thing That Got Us Here” in order to grow. But the key is not to just go with your gut, but to innovate in light of deep, specific audience insights. Which can only come from actually listening to your audience — whether that be donors, volunteers, customers, beneficiaries, etc.

After reading, if you’d like to talk to Allen directly, you can reach him at:

Dave Raley

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