Upcoming Webcast — Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal

Big questions on the minds of leaders is how the events of the past year have changed the way ministries accomplish their vision. Is there such a thing as a return to what was before, or are we entering a “Next Normal”? And how can we best lead our organizations in light of that reality?

On January 28 we will be partnering with Christian Leadership Alliance in a live webcast entitled “Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal” to share the key trends and behaviors that great leaders should be taking advantage of in this season. We are looking forward to sharing these insights during our time together, but for now here is one key mistake to watch out for and avoid in 2021:

Mistake #1: Changing your vision unnecessarily

In times of significant change, it can be very tempting to buy into the narrative that “everything is changing; therefore, we must change EVERYTHING!” While this can be healthy in the sense that nothing is sacred, it can also be dangerous.

Ask yourself — have your core mission and vision truly changed in light of recent events? 

For the vast majority of Christian ministries, their core mission and vision have not changed. In fact, they may be more critical than ever in light of recent events. There is a big difference between your vision and mission and HOW you accomplish your vision and mission. 

In times of change, great leaders separate vision from tactics. Vision rarely changes, but tactics are always subject to change.


We’ll reveal other mistakes to avoid during our time on the 28th, as well as several specific trends that are shaping the way nonprofits accomplish their mission and grow in 2021. We’ll discuss these trends and other principles that we see effective leaders doing as they lead in the Next Normal. I’ll also be sharing examples of ministries that have thrived in this time and what we can learn. 
If you are interested in attending “Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal,” we would encourage you to register and save your seat today. We hope to see you there!

Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal

Thursday, January 28 at 10 a.m. PST // 1p.m. EST

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