Upcoming Webinar: How AI is Transforming Ministry

Artificial intelligence isn’t new. It has fueled the imagination of ambitious inventors and entrepreneurs for centuries. It has fired the dreams of artists, authors, and filmmakers—some of whom have seen its positive potential, some of whom have painted vivid pictures of its dangers. Regardless of how it has been imagined, artificial intelligence and related technologies are here and changing how our world operates.

As hardworking humans, we invent tools to help us do the things we can’t or do not wish to do—machines and technology that extend our ability to manage our busy lives, eliminate our stress, reduce risk, accelerate our pace, or give us new abilities that our biology would never allow. At this moment in human history, we’re watching the unique confluence of the speed of computing, lowering costs of technology, and the interconnectedness of people and systems—both via technologies like the internet and the globalization it has fostered politically and economically.

This confluence has created the right mix of ingredients in the right ratios to allow the dream of artificial intelligence to take root and flower quickly, hence the explosion of popular awareness of the topic. Artificial intelligence is here and we must grapple with this question: “What will it mean for me and my world?”

That’s why this year, Masterworks is leading conversations about the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the context of fundraising, marketing, and ministry. We feel it is both responsible and necessary to explore the possibilities, risks, ramifications, and potential of the use of these technologies proactively, developing a thoughtful perspective on their use in our unique context. Key questions that we need to consider are:

  • What actually is artificial intelligence?
  • What is machine learning, and how is it different from artificial intelligence?
  • What is the current state of the use of these technologies in the broader marketplace?
  • How are we seeing it applied to nonprofit organizations today?
  • What is on the immediate horizon?
  • And most importantly, what can we do to responsibly engage in this important shift in technology to advance the causes of our organizations?

Our goal in this conversation is to begin to think through how best to leverage this new and rapidly advancing set of capabilities so that we lead our organizations in serving an AI-influenced world in new, better ways.  Every aspect of our work cannot, will not, and should not be driven by artificial intelligence. But we must ask ourselves what this means for the future of fundraising, marketing, and ministry, and position our organizations to respond in the most effective way possible. This new reality is not in our far distant future—it is here today, and we will walk you through how to think about it rightly and seize the opportunity it presents.

Sign up now to join Bryan Brown, COO, and Dave Raley, EVP, Strategic Innovation, in a live webinar to discuss these key questions and explore how nonprofit leaders can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to better serve their organizations. We hope to see you there!

How AI is Transforming Ministry 

Wednesday, May 26 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

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