Upcoming Webinar — Better Together: Integrating Fundraising and Your Giving Platform

One of the biggest challenges and barriers in digital marketing and fundraising is getting the various fast-moving, ever-changing technology systems to work in sync and get them doing what we need them to do.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build the best possible solutions: ones that work flawlessly and require the least maintenance. In digital channels that are increasing the mainstay tactics for growth, where organizations are doubling their investment yearly, we cannot afford to be slowed by ill-fit platforms. We need platforms that are purpose-built to the needs of nonprofits and that provide us the infrastructure, tooling, and reliable performance needed.

Masterworks and iDonate swim in the same ocean: the ocean of nonprofit financial stewardship and effectiveness.  We are both passionate about organizations taking bold, wise steps into digital-first engagement with the world.  We have always considered them a market leader and have worked together to bring the best fundraising practices to their Connected Giving platform.  As COVID-19 challenged all organizations to pursue better, faster, and more effective ways to engage with today’s digital givers, we began a dialogue with iDonate about how we could align our offerings and serve the market with the kinds of digital solutions that are demanded at this moment.

In July, we invite you to come learn more about the powerful potential that comes from the tight coupling of a world-class giving platform with best-of-breed digital fundraising solutions.  The combination of iDonate’s Connected Giving suite and Masterworks’ Always On fundraising is propelling organizations into new levels of engagement and effectiveness. iDonate customers are driving new levels of traffic and revenue via digital media powered by Masterworks, and Masterworks customers are seeing new levels of conversion and ease-of-use through the use of iDonate as part of their digital platforms.

It’s an end-to-end, Always On, Connected Giving solution that is putting digital acquisition, cultivation, and engagement in reach of any nonprofit ready to take their next step in digital.  Come learn more and be part of this important step on the road to nonprofit digital transformation.

Sign up now to join Bryan Brown, COO at Masterworks, Phil Myers, Chairman and CRO at iDonate, and Michael Baker, Senior Director of Client Services at iDonate, in a live webinar to discover how to empower donors through personalized content based on their giving behavior. We hope to see you there!

Better Together: Integrating Fundraising and Your Giving Platform

Tuesday, July 20 at 10 am PT / 1pm ET

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