Four Major Shifts in America and How to Respond to Them

Masterworks has a unique vantage point, with the privilege of working with dozens of organizations across the country. These ministries are changing the world with effective programs and cutting-edge missions. In our work during the past year, we’ve seen four major shifts that all organizations have huge opportunities to lean into this year and beyond.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to have a conversation in this space about some of our reflections and observations on these shifts.

I have the privilege in my role as Executive Creative Director to help lead fundraising and marketing efforts all across the country. I think this affords me a unique perspective on these shifts that I’m going to introduce.

These shifts are:

People Shift…the change in who we’re talking to in marketing and fundraising for American ministries. And the changing face of both the American church and generational attitudes toward and connection to Christianity.

Connection Shift…the change in how we’re talking to people and the evolution of fundraising communication from a direct mail, newspaper, and telephone machine, to a population that spends hours each day on their phones, tablets, and computers.

Giving Shift…the change in both how we’re asking people to engage with ministries and the generational differences in how Americans think about generosity.

Data Shift…the change in how we care for information, and our changing comfort level with our increasingly digitized lives.

Masterworks is not afraid of these shifts. There are good and right and holy responses that we’ll explore together. I hope that this conversation dispels fear, challenges your thinking, and inspires you to consider how your organization is responding to a shifting world.