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What is changing about the digital media ad review process?
Masterworks has launched a new workflow for creating new digital media ads in two-week sprint cycles. It includes both Always On Digital Media refreshes and campaign-based ads. It is designed to facilitate easier review and approval of digital media proofs using a straightforward APPROVE / REVISE / REJECT process. This system will help our digital media buyers deploy approved ads quickly and consistently, without holding up the entire campaign for individual ad concepts that are rejected, or might require revisions.

Why are we making this change?
By developing digital media ads in two-week sprints, you will always have fresh, approved creative to rotate into the mix. This change will help us proactively optimize our media performance by responding quickly to engagement signals—maximizing the effectiveness of your media spend. This also enables us to process feedback quickly, and flight ad creative much faster.

How will the new process work for campaign-based digital media ads?
Campaign-based digital media ads will also be routed for review separately from other campaign components (such as emails, landing pages, or web assets). These ads will be developed after review of the other campaign components, leveraging approved copy, designs, and imagery. This should reduce the amount of revisions needed on all the digital media ads, and speed up the approval process.

What will I need to do differently?
Every two weeks, you will receive an email from Masterworks via PageProof, containing your new Digital Media Proof. All the instructions for completing your review will be included.

  • Media Proofs should be delivered to you by Tuesday mornings
  • Review/Approval is due by EOD Thursdays (allowing 3 full business days for feedback).

For each Media Proof, you will have the following options, in addition to standard comments:

  • Approve (good job team!)
  • Approve w/ changes (I am okay without seeing changes)
  • Revise (I want to see changes)
  • Reject (eliminate these ads)

All of the contacts who are added as reviewers can add comments or feedback. Then, the person who is listed as the approver should determine which of the other comments should be marked as to-dos, or overruled.

What happens when I approve, revise, or reject digital media proofs?
Approved ads (and approved with changes) become available immediately to the Masterworks digital media buyers, according to the flighting schedule. All other feedback is routed directly back to the Creative team for processing, in time for the next sprint cycle.

What if I miss a Thursday EOD feedback deadline?
If you are not able to provide feedback by Thursday EOD, that’s no problem. Once you approve ads (or approve with changes), those approved ads will still be routed forward for deployment. However, for any revisions that are requested late, you won’t see those ad revisions in the next sprint cycle. (Those particular ad revisions will appear in the following sprint cycle, about a month later). Note that you will see at least two new ads during EVERY sprint cycle, regardless of change requests or missed approvals — so there will always be ads to review.

How do holidays impact review timelines?
Federal holidays or other Masterworks office closures may shift sprint schedules. You will be notified in advance of what the review timelines will look like.

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