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How is AI transforming your ministry & fundraising?

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I look, I’m seeing the world being transformed by technology. Products, processes, and entire industries are changing rapidly before our eyes. And “AI,” … Read More

Christmas Reflections

A book that I read this time of year is God Came Near by Max Lucado. One of my favorite passages is from the chapter “Just a Moment…” (I’ve edited … Read More

Charity, the Church and Global Aid

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines with one of our clients, an international child sponsorship organization that has been working through the local church for over … Read More

“Summer Slump” is on the rise!

We’ve been making this strategy work for years – that “Summer Slump” appeal that talks about rising needs and falling income over the “lazy, hazy days of summer.” For most … Read More