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Eric Pratum joins Masterworks’ Experience Design Team

It’s my pleasure to announce that Eric Pratum has joined Masterworks as Senior Digital Media Strategist. Eric has 13 years of experience developing successful digital, mobile and online marketing and … Read More

Volkswagen’s Deception: A Parable of Trust

Volkswagen is in a world of hurt these days. Apparently blatant deception doesn’t do well for your brand. You may be thinking, “How could Volkswagen’s situation impact my non-profit?” Gerry … Read More

3 Content Pitfalls To Avoid

When I was at the CLA Outcomes Conference this year, I felt a certain amount of pride as a content strategist. Looking at the conference schedule, it was clear that … Read More

Creating Campaigns That Inspire

With the weather turning cold and the new year fast approaching, I was recently gifted with a gorgeous, red envelope in my mailbox. Addressed to me from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, I … Read More

Keeping up with the digital Joneses

Have you noticed that constant feeling of being a couple steps behind in digital? You’re not alone. The speed of change is increasing every day. It can be dizzying. In … Read More

.NGO, the New Non-profit Domain

Since 2011, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has been delegating new top level domains. Let me un-techno-speak that for you. You use TLDs (top level domains) every … Read More

What we’re reading right now

Anne Lamott once said, “books help us understand who we are.” Each Tuesday we’ll introduce you to the world-class team at Masterworks through the books they love, in a series … Read More

Getting Strategic About Digital Content

If you’re paying attention to the digital arena these days, you’ve probably noticed that content and storytelling is in vogue. Storytelling, content marketing, curation, inbound, long-form content, blogging. These are … Read More