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Get over the complicated and keep it simple

There’s an old rule of thumb that says 95% of the people only use 5% of the functions. This is never more true — as Donald Norman pointed out in … Read More

The $10 donor is dead.

In 1976, Dutch economist Peter van Westendorp introduced market researchers to the Price Sensitivity Meter — a technique for determining consumer price preferences. The approach uses a series of questions to … Read More

What can you give your donor?

Take two minutes to watch this video of Steve Jobs, newly back at Apple, responding to a harsh question from an angry developer who doesn’t understand why his pet product … Read More

Secrets of the Top 25 Non-Profits

M+R recently released their 2016 Benchmark Study of 105 US non-profits. Like most studies their benchmarks serve to show how your organization compares to the “normal” of the organizations in … Read More