Masterworks’ digital-first approach to audience development and new donor acquisition that leverages a broad range of digital channels, including Social, Display, and Native.


A religious organization wanted to use technology to make it easier to reach new audiences. Digital is making it easier and cheaper to grow brand awareness, build an audience, and acquire donors and customers.


Ad channels were used together, at each stage of the journey from awareness to engagement to conversion, in order to:

  1. Create awareness among your target audience in new channels.
  2. Leverage first-party and third-party data sources to build an engaged prospective audience using relevant content.
  3. Use compelling offers to acquire new donors/customers.
  4. Retarget site visitors with relevant messages.


By working with Masterworks, this company had their most successful year for new account growth in company history. They had a $14 cost per lead, down from $56 and a 2.66 ROAS on donor acquisition.

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