Masterworks took a mature fundraising channel (direct mail) and updated it with a bright, new and vibrant brand, answering that burning question – can direct mail be beautiful and effective?


Update the visuals of a mature direct mail program in a way that reflects a modern brand, breathing life and energy into their creative to maintain consistency and improve results.


Take a vibrant brand that was coming to life on the ground, in the program, and in other fundraising channels, and marry it with traditional direct response fundraising tactics to update creative.

We hosted Creative Summits to understand what was most important to the client and how we could bring their vision to life. We also worked collaboratively on resources highlighting the client’s work in their city and provided design options to elevate their strategic vision.


After 12 months of elevating their creative, we saw a 122% increase in new donor growth. Their donor retention was also up 22%, allowing their year-over-year results to improve.

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