Masterworks created our Donor Management Scorecard (DMS)to provide the analytical insights needed to help you have a data-inspired strategy.


Our client wanted to be able to evaluate overall donor file trends. We would evaluate the main key performance indicators by channel so they could evaluate their marketing investments by channel.


Most data reports can’t place donors into donor lifecycles. We can. Our DMS Scorecard provides:
1. A summary of all of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for two complete fiscal years
2. A summary of all of the KPIs for Fiscal Year to Date (FYTD) results
3. A detail of 5 years of KPIs by audience lifecycle for both completed Fiscal Years and FYTD
4. A break out of performance by audience lifecycle


We were able to build a DMS that evaluated the effectiveness of online acquired donors compared to building an overall transaction view. With the DMS in hand, our client was able to pinpoint areas for improvement, leading to a 42% increase in new online donor second gift conversion rate.

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