One of the largest rescue missions in America partnered with Masterworks to reverse a 10-year decline.


Our Mission client wanted a new agency partner to identify areas of growth and innovate strategies to engage donors via multiple channels.


Our multi-pronged strategy allowed for testing and iteration to see what would be most effective for their specific donor audience. Our methodology included:

1. Refined appeal list selects using our proprietary list select tool, MRI
2. Expanded their digital presence, including behavioral tracking web capabilities
3. Increased mail frequency
4. Added major donor appeals to the marketing mix as a diversified growth opportunity
5. Introduced direct mail acquisition test
6. Increased list strategies, including co-ops


Our client was able to see a 12.5% increase in the reactivation of lapsed donors, a 35% increase in new donor acquisition, and an 11% increase in average gifts.

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