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Shifts in the Church

We live in an ever-shifting landscape, and our responses to these shifts are what allow us to pivot and grow. Masterworks has been actively engaging with our clients over the … Read More

The Space Between

The rhythms of Easter move from the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to a meal with friends on Maundy Thursday to the gory horror of Good Friday that finishes with … Read More

Buy a Pizza, Save the World

In 2018, Domino’s, the largest pizza company in the world, launched a “Paving For Pizza” campaign providing a $5,000 grant to every state to use on paving better roads to … Read More

The relative value of growing sustainer giving

More and more, I’m encouraged to see nonprofit organizations leaning into recurring giving. Leaders are recognizing that the Subscription Economy has made consumers and donors comfortable with discretionary giving on … Read More

Remember Who Holds Us Fast

Things feel difficult and have felt that way for a while, and it seems like they might get more difficult before they get easier. Within my family, the feelings of … Read More