Build a digital-first approach for audience development, new donor acquisition, and cultivation through Always On® digital media

As the donor journey becomes increasingly digital, with multiple touchpoints, technology is making it easier to reach new audiences in the right place at the right time, and with the right message. Using channels like Social (Facebook and Instagram), Display, Native, Paid Search and Google Grant, you can meet people at each stage of the user journey from awareness to engagement to conversion and:

  • Reach your target audience in new channels,
  • Leverage both first-party and third-party data sources to build an engaged prospective audience using relevant content,
  • Use compelling offers to create opportunities for new donor conversion,
  • Retarget site visitors and cart abandoners with relevant messages,
  • Increase revenue from active donors in order to maximize ROI, improve donor retention, and create positive brand interactions.

Know your audience & engage them fast with targeted messages


Instead of the traditional approach to media buying, with fixed campaign dates and channel silos, we activate a dynamic digital media plan. Our audience-driven, programmatic approach to media buying enables us to accelerate (or decelerate) the pace of spending and optimize the budget, creative and channel mix based on real-time performance.


Many people who engage with your organization online are not ready to donate. They are somewhere in a classic buying stage that starts with awareness and ends with conversion. Highlighting value propositions based on which stage people are at can increase the overall performance of your digital media program. All people will go through these stages in their own time, at their own speed. But most will touch them all at some point, giving you the opportunity to send targeted offers to individuals in each stage that will appeal directly to their unique
needs or tastes at that moment.


People in this stage may not even realize the world has a need for your organization yet. They likely don’t know that there’s a place for them in your organization’s story. So they’re obviously not ready (or willing) to donate. Instead, the goal is to attract them through high quality, cause-focused content, like a video or a good story. 

After people are aware of the need that your organization meets is the moment to follow up and get engagement through low-barrier opportunities to learn more and get involved.

Engagers will seriously consider the best option to meet the need after surveying the problem and seeing how you and other organizations work to solve it. Price point, effectiveness, and emotion all play a part in someone’s decision to donate.

Increase the value and retention of your existing donors by upgrading them to higher commitment options, like an extra gift or becoming a monthly sustainer.

Clients typically see


lift in Digital Media performance when partnering with Masterworks


Always On ®
Always On is a 24/7, year-long digital media program constantly optimized to attract and engage prospects (and lapsed donors) in order to deepen their support of your organization through financial conversion. We consistently test and tweak your best content and offers and optimize to match the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Ad Network
Drive ministry results by inviting Christians to engage with your mission on websites they trust. Infinite Media is an ad network of 150+ faith-aligned publishers. With over 500MM impressions available each month we have the scale to reach a philanthropic, Christian audience with your message.

Google Grant
Grants excel at driving traffic from new audiences. Therefore, we focus our Grant efforts on maximizing traffic generation through keywords and ad content that drive maximum intent based traffic. We shift keywords, ads, and other search elements from Grant to Paid and back as appropriate to implement learnings and maximize performance.

Paid Search
We manage Paid Search with an always on mentality, not based on campaigns. We are constantly optimizing (adding, removing, changing) keywords, ads, destinations, and buying strategies to ensure a performant ROAS or to own the impression share of a desired keyword.


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