Donors for Life®

Attract, connect deeply with, and retain lifelong donors
At Masterworks, our mission is moving hearts and minds to join you in changing the world. That means your fundraising must flow from a mutually beneficial relationship that brings your donors purpose, fulfillment, and blessing. Our approach, called Donors for Life®, is a proven donor-engagement strategy focusing on these 7 key areas:
1. Brand alignment
Success begins with a strong and consistent brand that helps you stand out, communicate your mission, and involve donors in your work. We can guide you through the entire branding process, from donor research to implementation.
2. Donor enhancement research
Good marketing decisions are based on trustworthy information — about your supporters, their values, and their charitable giving goals. Our strategic direction is guided by a deep understanding of donor behavior in general and your donors in particular.
3. Constituent relationship management
Your relationship with your donors is everything. Successfully managing the bonding process means your partners will be energized by your mission, encouraged by updates on your accomplishments, and inspired to support your work.
4. Donor experience mapping
Understanding the path your supporters take from awareness to whole-hearted support helps you better optimize your communication strategies, including channels, offers, connection points, giving opportunities, and more.
5. Marketing intelligence
We use industry-leading technology to gather and analyze donor, campaign response, and trend data. This helps us understand the reasons for your success and be even better positioned to uncover new opportunities for growth.
6. Multichannel marketing
Masterworks’ strategic guidance is not just multichannel. It’s channel neutral. We use the media best suited to your offer, donors, and goals. Our approach is to share your message with the right people at the right time and in the right way.
7. Creative materials execution
Storytelling through world-class creative is central to moving hearts and minds. We employ the best and brightest creatives in the business to deliver fundraising that works. No matter what medium, our work will present your brand well, advance your mission, and get the response you want.