Put your data to work
to maximize your organization’s impact in ministry & fundraising.

Technology has transformed everything about our day-to- day lives, including how nonprofit organizations engage with their constituents and donors. Organizations must adapt. They must leverage advances in data science, audience management, and analytics in order to remain relevant, increase their constituent list, and grow their revenue. Epiphany, the Masterworks data platform, is designed to help clients thrive today and into the future.

Epiphany provides web-based access to a full suite of performance reports and gives organizations the ability to perform real-time, ad hoc reporting and data investigation in order to drive strategy and revenue growth.

With a comprehensive understanding constituent
and donor behavior, you can more effectively understand, segment, target, and engage with users across all communication channels—online and offline—in an integrated way.


Performance Analytics

Epiphany Performance Analytics includes donor file performance metrics, donor value reports, income channel performance, and response reporting for all channels, offline and online, with filters and drilldowns.

  • File health analysis tools using lifecycle-based donor segments, YOY and YTD progress against KPIs like new donors, retention by lifecycle, reactivation by recency, gift frequency, average gift, and donor value

  • Direct response campaign reports provide detailed results for recent fiscal periods. KPIs include essential measures of success like quantities, gifts and revenue, response rate, average gift, costs, ROI, and ROAS

  • Digital media reporting that provides up-to-date results from efforts across search, social, digital display, and native advertising, including impressions, clicks, conversions, CPMs, CPCs, CPAs, and other platform-specific measures

  • Monthly revenue results by channel, category, and period are used to evaluate the latest year-over- year trends from each revenue stream (appeals, newsletters, emails, digital media, recurring gifts)

  • Custom reports built for your organization’s needs

Constituent Engagement

Epiphany Constituent Engagement uses best-in-class technology to collect behavioral data on the online actions of individual users across your web properties and mobile apps.

This allows you to increase the performance of your marketing and fundraising by precisely targeting your constituents and donors across your website, email, digital media, and direct mail with highly relevant messaging.

Using a proprietary tracking tag installed on your digital properties, Epiphany securely captures anonymous information on each individual who visits your website in a privacy-compliant manner. Even without knowing their name, email, or other personal information, this data can be leveraged to target them via paid digital media and personalized website content on future site visits.

Over time, Epiphany is able to correlate this data with information from your CRM software to build a complete profile of each constituent and their engagement with your organization, including offline and online giving history, digital behavior and engagement, demographic data, and other attributes.



  • Use data to inform customer segmentation across online and offline marketing and ministry efforts
  • Analyze donor file dynamics, organizational revenue, digital media performance,
    and other KPIs
  • Access your reporting online or download comprehensive tabular reports


  • Identify and track new and returning visitors, segment them, and personalize their experience on your website and in advertising

  • Accurately track conversions (donations, form submissions, downloads, clicks, and other actions) and build reliable attribution models

  • Analyze your organization’s audiences and affinity cohorts and engage with them through hyper-targeted communications


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