For the last 20 years, Masterworks has led the nonprofit marketplace in managing data. We have a standardized approach to cataloging information that comes from a nonprofit and this selective approach has ensured Masterworks works uniquely well to leverage contemporary machine learning and artificial intelligence to get more out of the data that organizations already have. Our Data Science team has built effective, proven models for accomplishing organizational outcomes, like direct mail audience selection. In addition to that, we have also developed bespoke modeling solutions that help organizations identify people within their file that are likely to take a specific action, including migrating a general donor to a mid or major donor, converting a single gift donor to becoming a sustainer, and helping organizations identify constituents, channel preferences, or content affinities. Each of these enables an organization to identify and understand their people better and, through that understanding, to effectively communicate with them, which drives outcomes that are aligned to the organization's goal. Our modeling solutions are easy to activate, and most of the data required to power Masterworks models is information that most organizations already possess. We can even develop custom models to help organizations achieve outcomes that are unique to them.