Exclusive Marketing Playbook

Move Hearts & Minds to Act in 2022 & Beyond

We are excited to share this year's 2022 industry-trendsetting marketing & fundraising playbook that will equip your ministry to make key decisions in a post-Covid world.

With more than 30 years of experience as a world-class marketing agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries make an impact in the world through Mission & Mastery, we've assembled this year's top convictions that key in on upcoming trends, data-driven insights, & innovations.

This content is too important to not share with every Christian ministry trying to do good in this world, so we're making it absolutely free.

If you're wondering what you should keep, kill, coordinate, create, or combine when it comes to your marketing & ministry efforts this fiscal year, this exclusive playbook is for you!

Access your Move22 Playbook today.

4 things you must do to move hearts & minds to act in 2022 & beyond.