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In this On Demand Webinar we talk about how recurring giving has been an instrumental part of fundraising for decades. But there are several forces that are transforming recurring giving and reshaping donor expectations. Together, these changes represent an unprecedented opportunity to grow ministry impact. But the monthly giving programs of the past aren’t going to cut it. Ministries that are growing the most are doing so with a new breed of sustainer programs, driven by the Subscription Economy.

We cover:

  • Two major forces reshaping sustainer giving programs.
  • The unprecedented opportunity available to 75% of nonprofits.
  • Six common elements in a new breed of recurring giving program.
  • How Jewish Voice grew monthly donors by 252% and doubled revenue over the past five years.
  • Four practical steps to assess, build and grow sustainer giving.
  • Give practical examples of recurring giving programs that are growing explosively.
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