Capture the critical insights your organization needs to confidently deliver experiences donors want and expect.

To achieve online fundraising success your digital strategy cannot be limited solely to driving traffic to your site—you must also focus on how to best convert visitors once they arrive.  Optimization helps you answer this crucial question:
Is our website converting visitors into donors as effectively as possible? 

Optimization allows you to capture the critical human insights your organization needs to confidently deliver experiences donors want and expect. Optimization of the conversion funnel and improvement of the online donor experience is a proven strategy shown to generate substantial online revenue growth. Optimization is the perfect (and necessary) complement to your digital strategy.

Optimization, when done properly, is a continual, iterative process:


For much of your digital media traffic, your landing page will be a user’s first interaction with your organization. Due to this critical role, your landing pages must be tested to ensure the content is compelling—prompting further user engagement—and the experience is optimized towards driving users deeper into the conversion funnel. A/B Testing is the process of strategically optimizing your online experience with the goal of increasing your conversion rate and generating incremental revenue.


Clients typically see


lift in on-page conversion performance through optimization


Getting started with optimization is simple and quick

  • Epiphany technical set-up 
  • Data analysis
    Utilization of data insights tools.
  • Website UX audit
    Best practice assessments
  • The test plan is created based on opportunities identified during the website audit. Tests are ranked based on potential for lift.
  • Walkthrough the test plan together, ensure agreement on priorities.


Optimization can transform your digital performance and give your fundraising and marketing new life.


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