For more than 30 years, Masterworks has been helping Christian organizations accomplish their missions.

In order to serve the diverse landscape of Christian organizations, we have developed different service models to meet the industry’s needs. No matter what your organization needs help with — from one program or strategy to needing help with everything — we’ve got an approach that will allow us to partner together and advance your mission.


Our classic model, which is the model that most traditional advertising agencies have followed, is what we call Full Service. This is where an organization partners with Masterworks as an extension of their own team, and we help  with all aspects of their fundraising and marketing needs. Our Full Service model brings together our team of experts — from strategists to analysts, creative directors to proofreaders, production managers to project managers, and more. We come alongside an organization to understand their work, their goals, and their needs, and we develop and execute plans to fulfill those goals. This team stays in constant contact through a regular communication cadence, which includes annual planning meetings, quarterly reviews, weekly status calls, and more to ensure we stay in sync. You can think of it as a dedicated team that knows an organization inside and out and remains fairly durable and consistent over time. This model is enabled by what’s typically referred to as a ‘retainer’, which is a monthly service charge, making our team to become an extension of their team.

The Full Service approach has worked really well when tools, technology, and capacity haven’t enabled organizations to run as fast as they’ve wanted to on their own. But, we’ve also developed service models that fit a variety of shapes and sizes. 


Momentum is a lean version of our Full Service model and is a partnership that is strategically informed but more focused towards tactical outsourcing and delivering a turnkey direct mail solution. We spend less time learning the ins and outs of the organization, while still delivering a smart, effective, and efficient solution. It’s more like a managed service model, where there is a team of people responsible for delivering excellence, but they aren’t dedicated exclusively to one organization. This team also specializes in a much narrower set of product offerings, while being highly efficient and effective.

Historically, Masterworks had a wide range of services that organizations could only tap into through a Full Service relationship.  We’ve changed the model to meet the needs of the marketplace so that we can provide those services as one off products to fit an organization’s specific needs, including digital media, modeling, technology services, direct mail, and more.


One of the key distinctives of the Products and Services model is that it’s a lightweight, highly effective model that organizations can use to access the services they need to succeed. Organizations often have the competency and capability to execute fundraising and marketing strategies in house, so this model is perfect when you want to outsource just one aspect of your program. 

When you work with our Products and Services team, you’re working closely with the team executing the work, which gives you the opportunity to have a tightly focused set of conversations about specific outcomes for your organization. It removes the layers of agency overhead and annual planning that are often included in a Full Service relationship, and it allows you to achieve results without an extra heavy lift.

We believe these three models provide a comprehensive set of partnerships that can meet the needs of today’s Christian organizations.