We architect holistic strategies and produce comprehensive in-year and long-term plans based on your goals and our 30+ years of experience.


The most effective client/agency relationship is highly collaborative. It’s a team effort! We get the best results for our clients when we all work together as part of one team. Your Masterworks team consists of subject matter experts that are available to you to ensure that your service and strategic needs are met day in and day out.


We begin with the end in mind, by identifying the long-term goals. We then develop a comprehensive plan that maximizes growth, donor value, and your creative asset — but most importantly, we want our plans to align with your vision, your dreams, and your mission. To that end, we begin the annual planning process with a discovery meeting between your team and ours.


Just as listening to our clients is the heart of the process, analytics is the foundation. We use data to inform everything, from where we should invest, what channels we should be in, the amount of investment in a particular strategy or tactic, and how to creatively execute. These analytical insights, along with your vision, fuel the annual planning process.


It’s not a strategy for the year, it’s a path that we’re on together! We are going to bring new ideas forward with new channels. We will follow your decisions, but we recommend looking for the impact. When you are making a budget decision, we will give you all the information needed to ensure we're all on the same page with where you are going. We are focused on growing your mission and your ministry.

"Masterworks is so much more than a marketing agency — they are true ministry partners who consistently go above and beyond in strategy development, delivery of results and innovation. Masterworks is a significant part of our team — they model the Christ-centered values and authentic relationships we seek to establish with donors, field partners and staff."

-Laurel Milton, Vice President, Development and Global Events of Josh McDowell Ministry