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Is Your Nonprofit a Pit Bull or Labrador Retriever?

Some dogs are cute. Some dogs bite. What about your nonprofit? To your donors, are you a pit bull with bite? Or are you an approachable lab with tail wag? … Read More

Connecting branding to fundraising

Is your brand clear, compelling and consistent? Do your fundraising offers faithfully represent your brand? When branding and fundraising support each other, guess what? Your donors will respond. The chatter … Read More

Our Spring 2015 Bi-Annuals

We recently wrapped up what I believe is one of the most unique things about Masterworks — our “Bi-annuals.” Bi-Annuals is an intensive week-long forum in which our senior leadership … Read More

Don’t be JCPenney

As usual, last holiday season I put off my Christmas shopping until the last minute.  This time, I witnessed something that holds a lesson for non-profits everywhere. As I dashed into … Read More