Know what your donors are going to give before they do.

The Masterworks suite of AI-based modeling solutions is anchored by our flagship product, Masterworks Response Index (MRI). As an elite, proprietary, custom donor segmentation solution, MRI considers donor giving history and hundreds of other donor-level datapoints such as demographics, acquisition source, seasonality and response attributes to help organizations make strategic decisions about who to select for direct marketing efforts.

Our machine learning engine performs advanced statistical analysis on historical behavior data and other predictors to construct a segmentation algorithm that ranks donors based on their potential value. Instead of only segmenting based on what donors have done in the past, MRI helps you engage your donors based on what will likely move them to act next.

Clients typically see


increases in year-one net revenue using MRI

The MRI Advantage


models ran to identify the most predictive model for YOUR organization

MRI has improved net revenue for thousands of campaigns from appeals to newsletters and more.

MRI provides a number of distinct benefits over other model-based approaches for selecting constituents to target in your direct marketing efforts:
  • MRI is a value-based model that goes beyond traditional segmentation methods to score and select based on donor value and likelihood of response.
  • MRI creates distinct segments of donors, such as monthly donors, that are targeted outside the standard segmentation process.
  • MRI considers seasonality of donor giving to identify the right timing to communicate with donors and make the most appropriate ask.
  • MRI’s advanced machine learning algorithms produce results that rival many cooperative database models at lapsed reactivation.
  • Masterworks provides strategy and coaching; reviews and discusses strategic aspects of the segmentation and selection process; and helps identify ideal, comparable backtests to inform selection decisions.
  • Masterworks provides mailable select reports detailing total number of donors by segment and tier, number of donors available to mail, and number selected. We also provide a comparison projection to your revenue and quantity targets.
  • MRI saves your team time and cost by providing data ready for use in your direct response processes.


Step 01

You provide

Step 02

Masterworks scores your file and applies scores to the mail file.

Step 03

Masterworks provides segmentation and selection recommendations and uploads the file to a secure server.

Step 04

Masterworks provides results and analyses 120 days after the mail date.


There is no upfront cost to evaluate MRI.
We build your models and demonstrate projected ROI before you make a financial commitment.


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