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Game Changing Technologies Your Ministry Should be Using
Bryan Brown
Hosted by Christian Leadership Alliance and Masterworks, President Bryan Brown discusses cutting-edge tools, technologies and trends that your ministry should be capitalizing on. We discuss how to steward technology rightly in a ministry context, as well as how to utilize them to advance your ministry’s goals, fundraising and impact. We cover customer data platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, marketing automation, and more!
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Jef Miller & Mark Neigh

Reach More People & Raise More Money This Year-End
Seth La Tour & Kate Williams

Bridging the Development and Finance Divide

Dave Raley and Michael Martin (ECFA)

Kill the Campaign

Mark Neigh & Annie Nicols

Artificial Intelligence and Audience Building in Digital Fundraising

Dave Raley

Building and Growing Sustainer Giving in the Subscription Economy

Dave Raley & Carly Berna
Better Together: Integrating Fundraising and Your Giving Platform
Bryan Brown & Lori Finch
How AI is Transforming Ministry
Bryan Brown & Dave Raley

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