Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

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Production costs are up. How can you mail less?

Jaclyn Jones

Many of the nonprofits we work with at Masterworks were founded before digital marketing transformed the landscape. They’re used to feeding donors a steady diet of direct mail appeals and

Using data science to drive donor selection

Cassandra Johnson

Let’s face it — fundraising can be hard and complicated. It’s a balance of traditional marketing (reaching the right people with the right product at the right time with the

7 ways to inspire donors to give with a donor-advised fund

Jaclyn Jones

More and more nonprofits are talking about donor-advised funds, or DAFs, and how they fit into a comprehensive fundraising program. That’s because DAFs are a huge opportunity for charities today.

The relative value of growing sustainer giving

Dave Raley

More and more, I’m encouraged to see nonprofit organizations leaning into recurring giving. Leaders are recognizing that the Subscription Economy has made consumers and donors comfortable with discretionary giving on

It’s the pretty stuff that does the heavy lifting

Jodi Carlson

You’ve searched. You’ve critiqued. You’ve conversed. You’ve prayed, studied, and assessed. Finally, you’ve hired your agency.  Hiring your agency of choice is not the end of a long process, it’s

Is your campaign-mindset limiting your digital performance?

Jef Miller

It’s Time to Kill the Campaign The biggest limiter to success in digital media fundraising is turning your media off, which is what happens with time-based, episodic campaigns. To achieve

Recent Blogs

August 29, 2019

What Nike can teach nonprofits about building a great sustainer program

by Steve Woodworth
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January 25, 2023
by Steve Woodworth

Results are in from 2022 year-end fundraising. While many clients ended December down from 2021, most clients raised more in December 2022 than in December 2019. We call this a … Read More

January 20, 2023
by Barbara Takata

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I look, I’m seeing the world being transformed by technology. Products, processes, and entire industries are changing rapidly before our eyes. And “AI,” … Read More

January 11, 2023
by Allen Thornburgh

Cathedrals were the space programs of the medieval period. Designing and building a cathedral was an act of daring, vision, boundary-pushing, and determination. Cathedrals were more than “fancy churches.” They … Read More

January 6, 2023
by Kate Williams

January begins one of my favorite times of the year — Annual Planning.  Building plans with our client partners and extended Masterworks team is exciting. All the discovery sessions, deep … Read More

December 28, 2022
by Masterworks Team

2022 is coming to an end. Whether you are ready or not, the countdown to 2023 is on. It’s a time of year when many of us reflect back on … Read More

December 22, 2022
by Bryan Brown

In the opening chapters of the Gospel of Luke, we encounter some of the first people to be informed of the imminent unfolding of God’s master plan, and they were … Read More

December 16, 2022
by Kate Williams

For many, this is the season of giving. Buying gifts for friends and family. Dropping off toys, food, and clothing at local food banks and churches for those in need. … Read More

December 9, 2022
by Masterworks Team

Giving Tuesday is now ingrained into the holiday season, and it’s more popular than ever. The Giving Tuesday Data Commons estimates that “giving in the United States alone totaled $3.1 … Read More

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