We build beautiful and effective direct mail programs, from planning to production, that grow and support strong donor relationships. 

I think of Masterworks as an extension of our staff…not just an agency, but a partner who wants to help us to bring hope to the homeless by alleviating suffering, promoting dignity and instilling self-sufficiency…as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.Tim Marks, President & CEO of Metropolitan Ministries

Sophisticated Team
The strength of our team is due to our 30+ years of experience and expertise in executing direct mail campaigns. You will be supported by a Client Services team, a Creative team, a Project Management team, and a Data team. Masterworks also has a vast network of vendor partners throughout the printing and mailing industry that we strategize with and who give us a competitive edge. 

Competitive Pricing
Masterworks has the industry’s most competitive pricing for high-quality, nonprofit direct mail.  We bid our jobs in the marketplace, which allows us to determine what is truly a compelling marketing price. We are constantly negotiating our commingle rates and finding postage discounts for clients to help save them money. 

Logistics Network
Our network includes logistics services: freight, trucking, transportation, and commingling providers. We conduct analysis to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of delivering mail to homes, hitting our in-home targets. On-time delivery is important to us, and we are prepared with options for contingency plans in place in case one method fails. 

Technology and Automation
We’re using technology to automate and streamline the direct mail process. We merge complex data for personalization and use machines with camera technology to monitor insertion quality. We can utilize our Masterworks Response Index to make sure your strategies are relevant to your donor file and improve your net value over time. 

Fully Custom Creative
Your creative will look different than anyone else in the marketplace. But, we are still able to leverage the savings with volume pricing. We can give you affordable custom creative. Your story, your creative — tailored to your mission.